The Vermont Playwrights Circle's Mission is to foster theater works written by Vermonters*  
* VPC considers anyone who has lived here at least three months at any time in their lives a Vermonter
We are a network of artists working toward the creation of  original
theater works, getting plays staged, and raising awareness and
participation in local live theater. The group consists of playwrights,
actors, directors, producers, stage crew,  audience members and anyone
who is interested in promoting original, Vermont-made theater works.
Our Current Board
President: Kim Ward
Vice-President: Donna Imbeninato
Treasurer: Charles Coburn
Secretary: Dvora Zipkin

Susan Bauchman, Jeanne Beckwith,
Vince Broderick, Michael Hartman, Andra
Kisler, Sarah McDougal
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                                                   The Vermont Playwrights Circle, 3 Wilder Street, Apt. 3, Montpelier, VT 05602
                                                             Phone: 802-229-0112, Email: